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25/10/2016 - 17:21

Outright rejection of the CIE in the Zona Franca

Immigration. City Council is intending to issue an order to seal off the centre and the Municipal Immigration Council has drafted a manifesto calling for the centre to be closed.

Frederic Ximeno

21/10/2016 - 19:37

Frederic Ximeno, new Commissioner for Ecology

Urban Ecology. Ximeno will report to the Fifth Deputy Mayor, and will be in charge of the environmental and sustainability policies in Barcelona.

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We are publishing important information for citizens on a broad range of issues that include budgets, hiring, invitations to tender, urban planning and a long etc. We go through several transparency assessments every year.



We guarantee participatory channels for all citizens, under a commitment to embracing and responding to their contributions. We wish to govern with the citizens.


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We are making information available to everyone, in standardised, digital and open formats, to make it more accessible and promote its re-use.

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