Democratic City

Participation processes

We wish to engage the citizens of Barcelona in the tasks of government. Governments can no longer do everything, and can even less on their own. We need public awareness and engagement. We must be able to channel all the ideas, knowledge and increasingly expressed keenness to take part by our citizens.

To make possible, along with other initiatives, we have been organising participation processes through which allow city residents can contribute their knowledge and experience in forums for dialogue with municipal and social representatives. Participation processes have different aims, depending on whom or what they affect: a specific part of the population (children, new arrivals, the elderly, etc.) an area or specific community (district, neighbourhood, community plans, plans for the future, etc.) a sector or specific sphere (urban planning, sport, education, etc.). They can also have a general scope, such as the municipal action plans.

Any participation process requires contemplation of the information and communication stages, the matter under discussion and the options put forward, the stages for gathering proposals and contributions and giving an answer, explaining the decision finally adopted.