Democratic City

We encourage good practices in participation

We wish to share the experiences of associations that promote the participation of citizens and good governance in Barcelona, innovative experiences that have been carried out efficiently.

The results of a good practice in citizen participation, linked to the policies of the area, really have the capacity to influence local public policies, with positive consequences for participatory democracy and managing local affairs.

So, at the Commissioner's Office for Citizen Participation and Associations, we are continually looking to recognise the good practices associations use to encourage citizen participation and strengthen the association movement.


Sant Antoni Neighbourhood Resident to Resident

Some of the neighbourhood's elderly tell us about their lives in Sant Antoni when people used to get their milk directly from cows, when people were conscience of their neighbours' hardships.

Let's walk together: a process of unity for boy scouts and girl guides. Discover, get trained and take part

The three associations making up the Catalan Boy Scouts and Girl Guide Federation in Barcelona are as follows: the Catalan Scouts, the Catalan Scout Initiative and the Catalan Cubs and Girl Guides bring together 65 groups of scouts throughout...

Boca Ràdio Project. A youth, community and social radio association

An association, youth, community and social radio station.

Sant Genís dels Agudells Local Residents Association

A project that won first prize at the 11th edition of the Barcelona Associations awards ceremony, a prize awarded by Barcelona City Council, with support from the Barcelona Municipal Council of Associations, CMAB, in May 2011,

Learning to take part... by taking part!

The Àgora Association has been working for thirty years to promote participatory perspectives among those who have more difficulties in taking part.

Agora i Heura. Verneda School for Adults

The the Verneda School for Adults' main feature is that it offers adult training with a methodology quite unlike that of any other adult training centre and which is known as Dialogic Learning