Democratic City

Barcelona City Council's Citizen Register

Barcelona City Council's Citizen Register is a tool for or a means of grouping together citizens who have demonstrate their willingness to take part in the city's affairs, so they can be part of the City Citizen Council or the Neighbourhood Council Monitoring Committee, which are consultative municipal participation bodies.

The City Citizen Council is Barcelona City Council's highest body for public consultation and participation, a forum where representatives of the City Council and the public discuss the main affairs of the city. Those who wish take part in this council are chosen randomly from the Citizen Register, and nominated by the mayor or mayoress.

The Neighbourhood Council is a territorial participation body for dealing with all the questions relating to the neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Council Monitoring Commission is responsible for monitoring the issues raised at the Neighbourhood Council and drawing up the agenda for the following sessions. Citizens in the Citizen Register may be represented in this commission if there is a significant number of them in the neighbourhood.

The City Council periodically contacts people signed up to the Register and informs them of the main municipal affairs and issues relating to participation and associations in the city.