Democratic City

More participation and collaboration actions

In this section we want to publicise some of the initiatives driven by various City Council departments that the associations and people concerned are heavily involved in. These differ from each other but they all play a very valuable role in citizen engagement in collective development..

Bancs del temps

The "Time Banks" in the city's neighbourhoods are a response to the need to create social networks that help people to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and/or offer support to those people who live alone or who have occasional needs.




"Barcelona Space" is a new City Council programme to publicise or communicate the initiatives undertaken by the city's cultural, social and solidarity associations depending on the campaign or activity. Organisations interested in this help can request it by completing a form available on the BCN[ESPAI] website.

Camins escolars

The "School Paths" initiative aims facilitate the safe, sustainable, independent mobility of schoolchildren aged 8 and over with the committed participation of the community.  That means children travelling on their own, or with others of different ages, to school, the park, a centre or to play sport on foot by following the path or route with the safest conditions.

Finestres de la Memòria

"Memory Windows" is a project driven by the La Casa Elizalde Cultural Centre to reclaim the memory of La Dreta de l’Eixample's history and strengthen the neighbourhood's sense of identity.It is doing this by building a collection of photographs contributed by residents, institutions, associations, local traders, schools, etc. At the same time it organises activities linked to the project, such as exhibitions, talks and specialist workshops.

Voluntariat Educatiu per a fer els deures.

The "Homework Volunteers" campaign, driven by the Barcelona City Council Education Institute and financed by public funds, encourages adults to volunteer to help young children and teenagers aged 3 to 16 who attend Barcelona schools with their homework, over the weekend, at the libraries.